We Now Have a Complete Genetic Variant Profile
for a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Predisposition.

5 Years of Research with 9 Study Participants.

1 Amazing Discovery.

According to the CDC up to 2.5 Million People in the U.S., and 22.5 people worldwide, suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Helen C Harrison, M.A.

Consultant, Educator, Researcher

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A New Day for
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The Similarity of CFS Symptoms to COVID-19 Long Haul is

Well-Known. About 25% of C19 Patients Develop Long Haul.

Chronic Fatigue and C19 Long Haul Share at least

Two Dozen Major Symptoms.

Fatigue; Loss of Stamina; Headache; Shortness of Breath; Breathing Difficulties; Cough; Post-Nasal Drip; Runny Nose; Blurry Vision; Sore Throat; Abdominal Pain; Nausea or Vomiting; Diarrhea or Constipation; Joint and/or Muscle Pain; Peripheral Neuropathy; Chest Pain, Pressure or Discomfort; Dizziness; Heart Rate Irregularities; Difficulty Sleeping; Difficulty Concentrating; Memory Loss.

We developed and tested precision nutritional supplements that

helped 60% of our Chronic Fatigue Syndrome participants

get out of bed and engage in a more active lifestyle.

TX Genetic Research Offers Unique, Genetic-Based

Nutritional Services and Products for CFS.

We Look Forward to Working with Dedicated Investors to

Help Change the Lives of Millions of People.

We are actively seeking financial support to extend our research to more CFS sufferers and C19 Long Haulers. This would enable us to 1) expand on our hypothesis that both illnesses likely share a similar genetic variant profile, and

2) enlarge our market.

“Not too long ago I was immobile and sleeping most of the day. I am now employed with a very demanding job. This is strictly due to the guidelines that I got from Helen regarding food and supplements.” JE

“Last weekend, I was able to do five hours of heavy yard work. Three years ago, I was confined to bed and felt awful the whole time.” RL

“Many of Helen’s recommendations have been helpful, especially what supplements and foods not to consume.” AS