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New! Low Phenol Seasonings


Build and Maintain Your Soft Tissue!

The Build and Maintain formulas provide you with essential nutrients the body needs to build loose connective tissue. Use the Build preparation to jump start your healing for the first four months.  Then Maintain your tissue health with a consistent supply of necessary nutrients.

Each 3 oz. container is a 40-day supply, serving 1 teaspoon daily. Formulas are custom mixed in a dedicated gluten-free, soy-free facility to GMP standards and contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

These preparations use an oral dissolution method to maximize absorption and minimize stomach acid destruction of nutrients.

All formulas can be obtained in four versions to accommodate health status and dietary choices. Alternative custom mixes may be able to be prepared, depending upon request. Inquiries welcomed!

Regular: Contains all carefully-selected ingredients.

Low Sugar: For individuals who need a low processed sugar alternative.

Fruit Free: For individuals with an allergy or intolerance to banana or pumpkin.

Vegan: Free of animal proteins and crustacean shells.

Because these are custom mixes, ingredient amounts vary from person to person.

For individuals on anticoagulant medications or have a bleeding disorder, it is suggested you use a Maintain preparation with your health provider's approval.

For individuals whose health is better with a higher level of cysteine supplementation, it is suggested you use the Special Maintain formula.

If you experience salicylate-phenol-quinone toxicity due to a metabolic limitation in your ability to process certain aromatic hydrocarbons (see Surprising Suspects and Nutritional Study Results), finding convenient, low salicylate-phenol-quinone starches that are also gluten-free can be a challenge.

I compiled a list of the lower phenol-containing, gluten-free starches. You may find that decreasing your salicylate-phenol-quinone intake diminishes symptoms of toxicity and aids healing, depending upon your genetic heritage. 

Most of these products are available from Amazon through this site (links below) or perhaps at an African, Asian or Hispanic community market in your city.

Dehulled legumes (phenol-containing skins removed)

Plant stem, fruit, pith, root

Glass Noodles

Low Phenol Starches

From Around the World

Featuring lower-phenol fruits and vegetables, these tasty treats bring a splash of savory or sweet sensation to your meals. In two delicious flavors:

Tangy Tropicals: A blend of exotic fruits and earthy seeds. Ideal for meats, starch side dishes and desserts.

Hearty Herbs: A mix of gentle greens and sharp citrus and vinegar. Perfect for meats, cooked vegetables and salads.

See our Store for further product details and pricing.

See our Store for further

product details and pricing.