Helen C Harrison, M.A.

Consultant, Educator, Researcher

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"It only took me a week of using the Build formula to know I was ‘on to something.’  My energy levels improved.  My anxiety dissipated quickly and my depression followed suit.

"I had been managing my diagnosed Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, pre-diabetes and declining protein levels, but my real challenge, and what I was praying for, was physical healing. I had gone from an active 52-year-old in the best health of my adult life to being sedate.

"My intense hip and leg joint pain had come on rather suddenly in 2014 and being sedate was the only way to manage it. I couldn’t do much without pain; even laying down to sleep at night was painful.

"Sadly, I could not carry my grandchildren without intense pain. If I did what I wanted anyway, I paid a hefty price as the pain would not subside in the least bit for several days after.

"Flash forward to five months taking the Build supplement and changing my diet as recommended and not only has 99.9% of the pain gone away in its entirety but I am also experiencing additional benefits that were unexpected.

"The Build formula healed my leaky gut! After two years drinking bone broth and taking collagen supplementation I still had leaky gut. After five weeks on the Build formula (gauging by bowel movements and their condition) my leaky gut healed and has remained so ever since.

"While having my teeth cleaned my dental hygienist remarked, “What have you been doing differently? Your gums are healthier now than they’ve been in years?!” My crepe-paper skin is gone as are the alligator scales on my legs. My blood sugar has stabilized and is functioning normally and I am sleeping soundly once again.

"Five months on Build really did help ‘build’ the suffering soft tissue within my entire body. I could see and feel the effects. I now have the blood test results back to prove it. My thyroid and protein levels made modest improvements, and there are improvements in the inflammation markers.

"Build has changed my life and allowed me to become again the active person I was once. It is my personal goal to stay active, continue healing, and to take my daily dose of Build. I just can’t thank Helen Harrison enough for sharing her self-healing journey and the formula she created with me."  P.W., So. Oregon


"I had extensive shoulder surgery. The surgeon said that I had set a record for the number of procedures done at one time.

"My recovery time was exceptionally short as far as my Surgeon and Physical Therapist were concerned. My mobility and comfort quickly returned and my flexibility and range-of-motion increased quickly as well.

"In my opinion, the return of this flexibility and range-of-motion is due in great part to the short period of swelling and tissue rebuilding associated with the professional care and with the nutritional supplement.

"During this time I was taking my supplement 2 times per day with only a few misses. I believe that this supplement was a great benefit to my recovery."  C.B., Southern California

"I have found Ms. Harrison to be helpful beyond any other source of information. Her breath of knowledge and research is positively ground- breaking. She is the epitome of the "citizen-scientist."

"For practical reasons she has assembled a body of information that is life-saving for many and extremely helpful to others such as myself.

"Without her support and information I would just be one more sick person who was beyond the scope of the medical field with no where to turn. I am eternally grateful." J.E., Southern California

"I have been involved in a trial of a... supplement provided by Tx Genetic Research. Within a week or two of beginning the supplement, I noticed improvement in an undiagnosed chronic cough. I recently resumed the supplement." B.H., Southern California

"For years I suffered from food allergies and sensitivities. The rashes and swelling caused me to feel disassociated from having a full and healthy life. My energy level was low and I didn't really have the energy to enjoy life.

"Then in July 2018, I had back surgery and taking all the pain medication prescribed left me feeling discouraged and exacerbated the sensitivities I already had. After I completed with the pain medication, my energy level was much lower and creating a regular schedule was frustrating as I could not complete many of the chores needed in my daily life.

"Thankfully, Helen Harrison introduced me to her nutritional program and I started with the Build supplement program and graduated to the low sugar Maintain supplement program for 3 months now.

"During the second month I felt an increase in my energy level to the point that I was able to complete my daily chores list. I was very excited when that occurred. I began healing much faster than my doctor thought was possible. I am now able to introduce some new foods into my diet without any side effects.

"I know I have a way to go on the program to get better and am excited about that prospect. I am very grateful to Helen for her years of study, research and hard work to help get me to this point in my healing. I will definitely continue with her program and recommend it to anyone." S.C., Hawaii

"I started taking the tissue building formula because an MRI one year ago revealed my right hip had lost all its cartilage. My left hip also shows signs of wear. It was painful to walk and difficult to stand for more than 15 minutes.

I began taking 1 teaspoon daily of the tissue building formula in April, 2019.... Since I began the regimen, I've noticed more freedom of movement in my hips and lessening of pain. I'm grateful to have found this supplement and I recommend it to anyone who has joint/connective tissue pain." M.C., Missouri