Interstitial Cystitis/
Painful Bladder

Chronic Pelvic
Pain Syndrome/

Chronic Prostatitis

(not from overgrowth or bacteria)

Vaginal Infections

Uterine Infections

Urinary Tract


Leaky Gut

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Gastrointestinal Infections


Nasal and Sinus Infections

Joint Soreness

and Stiffness

Skin Bruising/Tearing
Slow Wound Healing

Eye Vein Leaking

Eye White Tearing

Genetic variants are a source of soft tissue discomfort and dysfunction.

5 Years of Research and Experimentation.

1 Amazing Discovery.

What Services Does Tx Genetic Offer?

Tx Genetic can help you listen to your body. It's easy to feel down when we experience negative health symptoms. But these can be important clues that point to specific genetic variants. Once these variants are identified, you have knowledge to make informed decisions about your health.  Click here to continue.

About 60-80 million people in North America may have a subset of these variants.

These Surprising Suspects Can Steal Your Health

It's hard to believe, but it's true. We've all heard or read news reports about how people ought to reduce their consumption of foods high in processed sugars, starches and transfats and increase their consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. For the majority of humans, this is true. But for about 1/4 of the North American population, certain types of fruits and vegetables may not be fully beneficial. Click here to continue.

I suffered from a searing burn, frequent urination, neurological effects and intestinal cramping. And no matter what I did, my bladder inflammation and gut dysfunction became steadily worse. What started as intermittent pain became miserably chronic. Click here to continue.

My Journey to Health

After two years of conventional medical treatments and alternative health interventions, nothing permanently resolved [my symptoms]. That's when I realized I had to figure this out myself. Using the latest studies in genetics and biochemistry, I developed a working theory regarding the degradation of epithelial mucosa tissue.  Click here to continue.

The Ah-ha! Insight

Meet Your Inside Skin: What is Epithelial Mucosa?

There are four types of tissue in the human body: epithelium, connective, muscle and nerve tissue. Epithelial cells can be shaped as squamous (flat and scale-like), columnar (taller than they are wide) or cuboidal (square). Epithelium can possess a combination of these cell types for a total of seven different forms of cells.  Click here to continue.

If you experience any of the following conditions on a

regular or chronic basis, their impact on your life may be reduced

with the help of Tx Genetic Research.

It's in the Genes!

You May Be One of Them.

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What Products Does Tx Genetic Provide?

The Build and Maintain formulas provide you with essential nutrients the body needs to build loose connective tissue. Use the Build preparation to jump start your healing for the first four months. Then Maintain your tissue health with a consistent supply of necessary nutrients.  Click here to continue.

1. Assess your Health. Do you have recurring allergic responses, toxic symptoms, infections or inflammation in your respiratory, gastrointestinal or urogenital tracts (see Surprising Suspects)? Do you have chronic joint inflammation and extended skin healing times? Do any of your metabolizing organs function sub-optimally, for example, your thyroid? Do you experience regular headaches, mild nausea, fatigue, dizziness, brain fog, depression, hyperactivity or anxiety?  Click here to continue.

The Protocol

Nutrition Study Results

In 2018 Tx Genetic Research recruited 20 individuals to confidentially participant in a trial of Tx Genetic's mucosa-building nutritional formula. Participants were recruited according to the following criteria, which were established through an intake questionnaire... Click here to continue.